Jen Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mom, this is called a "balloon." ("Ilmapalloa," translates to "air ball," in Finnish)

Dad bought me this pump to help me blow it up. It's kind of cheating, but whatever. It looks like a gun, which makes it cool.

See? And then, when I let the balloon go...

... it flies around the room, making fart sounds. 

I, personally, think that farting/fart sounds/pooping/poop jokes are hilarious. In fact, our whole household--me, boyfriend Joe, his kids Cassidy 10 and Trey 8, (and Victor 4)--can spend whole mealtimes talking about farting and pooping and just generally being rather impolite society. We are not high-class people.  


Gleemonex said...

My family was so repressed we barely acknowledged there was a bathroom in the house ... but a farting balloon is frickin HILARIOUS!!! :-)

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